Tilting Using Basic Equation Relationship Software (TUBERS). Compiled January 17, 2019.

On some Windows systems, TUBERS must be run as an administrator. Right click on the TUBERS.exe and choose Run as administrator.

Calculation of tilt angle based on fractional coordinate for tilt a-a-b+ (Pnma), a-a-b+ (P21/n, 1:1 M), a0b-b- (I2/m, 1:1 M), a0a0c- (I4/m), a0a0c- (I4/mcm), a-a-a- (R-3c), and a-a-a- (R-3) is available using TUBERS. Calculates the octahedral tilt angle(s) based on bond distances and fractional coordinates. TUBERS is included in the SPuDS installation file. See the SPuDS instruction manual for more details.
TUBERS Screenshot
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